Pet Grooming

When your beloved pet is in need of some serious TLC and grooming, it is important that you take them to a pet grooming facility known for their great services. At The Dog Stop, we are a reputable pet grooming company that is proud to offer all our furry clients with only the best services.
At our popular pet grooming facility, our number one priority is ensuring your pet has a lovely and stress free experience with us that leaves them looking great. From bath time to nail trimming and teeth brushing, we are prepared to do it all for your dog or cat. Once you request our services, our experienced and compassionate groomers work hard to get them polished and primped according to your preferences. After experiencing our services, you will only want to come back to us for your pet’s bath time. For high quality pet grooming services, make sure you visit us. We are ready to help your pet get fresh, trimmed, and clean!